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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Eeyore Effect

I found myself today bored and with nothing to do. I'm absolutely exasperated with the repeats in the movie channels, so i decided to read a book... thats when i found myself in a rut. i have read all the books i own already, so searching through my little memory bag/museum i found a book i had forgetten about a long time ago, The Te of Piglet. This book is a fun way to learn about Taoism portraying it through the eyes of Pooh Characters. Taoism which could be considered a way of life or philosophy, tends to analyze the relationship of men with the world. Lao Tse was a pioneer of taoism and wrote th Tao Te Ching which are commulative lessons on taoism, and its truly inspiring.

I tend to believe a lot of the lessons taught through this philosophy and when i found myself reading The eeyore effect, I thought perhaps it would be a great idea to include it here, since it describes a lot of people in our surroundings and it’s a good way to learn not to get hung up on their words. For those that seem to be eeyores it’s a good way for them to see how ridiculous they look.

P.s.: many wonder why I always write things that aren’t always that happy. Well the reason is the moments were I am happy don’t bother me and I don’t need to analyze or get rid of them, but sad moments I rather forget about and writing has always been an excellent way to free myself from negative emotions so there you go. Back to the main topic:

The Eeyore effect.

B.H. wrote that the Eeyore effect can be seen in every socially accepted negative phenomenon, such as the growing number of elderly young people who’s governing philosophy seems to be: It Wont Work, So why try? Or in today’s death camp chic fashions, and the popular ugly-skinny-angry-look.

Ok, so Eeyores are the people that always seem to be unhappy and never seem to find comfort in any surroundings. They are miserable and want other people to feel miserable. But we all know that misery loves company. The eeyores are complainers, they believe the negative but not the positive and are so hung up on the fact that everything goes wrong that they miss out on the good moments that seem to pass them by unseen.

Eeyores cant seem to understand that not everything is perfect and if it were we wouldn’t need to be here(this world) in order to learn. B.H. says in his book that heroes are heroic because they, despite their weaknesses and sometimes because of it, do great things. So maybe we could put ourselves out there and instead of complaining why everything goes wrong we look around and see that some things do go right.

I am aware of one thing that the eeyores seem to do perfectly, its pollute the minds of those around them perhaps by using big words or finding a negative number to everything that might be positive. But the truth is although they seem comforted by their wretchedness they must be very lonely.

Quoting B.H. Again: “Unhappiness is the result of being guided by illusions (and misperceptions-that was my adding-) such as the mistaken belief that man is something separate form the natural world. Unpleasant feelings of what might be, sadness for what might have been and so on”. Everything depends on how one looks at things and by stripping away our illusions and negativity we might alter that unhappiness/sadness into happy/joy.


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