There's music in love, love in music, and life is all in between

Friday, September 16, 2005

letters and poems

Emotional Bagagge

i was thinking about you the other day as i sat and heard a song that reminded me of your face. i keep wondering when it was you, who's always been so humble and sweet, suddenly became so bitterly mean. you used to be so much more than a boy and so much less than a man. you had searched through treacherous roads to find a place to call your own. i've been thinking perhaps along the way you were influenced by coming out the easy way. if this is so, i know now why you've lost so much more than you've gained. colored paper bills and shiny coins are such a small bargain for trying to hide away the emotional baggage(i still see past your shoulder).

Illusive ideas

Ive been searching into the depths of the sea and the infinite sky
searching for someone and finding nothing but deception
finally understanding that i had been too credulous on my terms
of finding love, i decided to let go of these illusive ideas.
but just as i lost all hope, i found you staring at me as ive always stared
at you. but still holding all doubt that i've ever feel anything more but
attraction towars someone i gave myself the chance of getting to know
you and things started to fade away and replaced by the constant need of
having you near. my feelings are growing stronger for you as time passes
and i can tell you sincerely... im falling for you

Old feelings

i dreamnt of you last night and in my dream you told me to put the past away.
but having you been my past i cant seem to let it go. it's haunting me like a ghost,
whom i cannot flee from in this house, this life that seems to be damned without
ive heard that time heals all wounds, but my injures who have not healed are left
open to infections that make it ache more than usual and i feel as though the
blackness of my heart is being picked with a spoon and i do not bleed.
i feel only hurt and emptiness, where i find joy in nothing, where i find love in no one.


It's in you

it's your smile, your gentle voice, the things you say and those that
are left unsaid, those are few of the milliion things that drive me crazy
about you. i used to dream about the one who got away and now i
rejoice on you, the one i want here to stay. it's only now that i realize
that of all the sad situations i've gone through lately, has only been
a preparation for the best thing i have now. i dont know how its possible
for me to have someone as wonderful and loving as you. i want to give you
everything i possess and share with you all my thoughts and dreams. those
that lately are all about you


te busco y no te encuentro
te llamo y no contestas
pregunto y no obtengo respuestas
de porque no puedo estar contigo otra
vez, cuando fue que perdi a quien mas
deseaba y quede tan desolada, con el corazon
clavado en un papel.
si perfecto fuera un trago, ya lo
hubiera probado y talvez no
te estubiera cantando, preguntandome
porque y como fue.

Love at sight

having seen your fae, i've
been shown that love
which comes only by laying
your eyes upon a person
for the first time.

the pink, the yellow and blue
lights that made your face
shine as if you were an angel,
where i could not for one second
take my stare off of you.

but the impossibility of love
for whom i do not know
makes me believe of the
misunderstandment of love
oh but with all the hope i hold
i do wish to know you.

when i saw your smile
i was captivated, seducted by
your pearly whites and lips
that seem so sweet.

i want to hear your voice,
if only a hello
and perhaps i could conquer
you with my mind and try
to make true this dream
of love at sight.


Worthless Love

Is love worth it?
to give away your heart that might be broken
to feel the codependency of a desire that always
makes you weak. to feel the dispair of not being
able to hold on to someon who owns your soul.

Is it necessary?
to sacrifice yourself and never have him completely
to wither away as if a waterless flower, of whom
he makes popurri out of.

to love is to lose, and yet we know not how to misuse
worthless heart, captured brain that does not let you
choose wisely.


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Nelly said...

intense but true...entregar corazones rotos es todo lo que hacemos en esta vida de circulos viciosos, donde termina uno, empieza el siguiente. i think we had it in school...the perfect formula...SWAT...don't you think?