There's music in love, love in music, and life is all in between

Saturday, September 10, 2005

more old poems

Out of luck

I may have ran out on luck,
But I never had much of it anyway.
With tears trying to figure this out
Somehow, I feel just so weak. I think
I cant get up, im afraid I might fall
And I have no place to land, I feel
Like im all alone in the middle of
A forsaken world and yet just thinking
About it, I think I am alone in this place
Im trying to catch myself, but I just seem
To fall. I don’t know if to laugh or cry, to
Mend or break, to live or be lost. And yet im
Lost in the world of the living. What ever
Happened to the great plan you held for us?
Did it fall apart and your just too tired to
Pick up the pieces? Cause I cant find my heart
And I know its hard to take the pain that is
Given to you and accept it as your own.
No hello
I pick up what is left of your things and I hide
Them away in a box, to hurt to open it, to scared
To let it disappear into a thin memory. Too late
To change your mind, too late to look back. I seem
To have lost my mind somewhere along the way and
Now I cant seem to want it back... maybe if I can just
Disappear into myself, I don’t have to believe this didn’t
Come to anything at all. I never truly wanted to believe
That this would come to be, people are just that ignorant.
They try to put away the inevitable in order not to hurt
Themselves and end up destroying themselves. So you see
I seem to never win. So ill just sit here with my own fresh
Tears and try to claw onto my sanity.


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