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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Poems (early 2005)

This our poems i wrote early this year when i was going through very hard moments in my life i thought would never come to an end. finding a way to release the feeling that overcome you, will help you to heal faster. with time the poems keep changing and the subjects become less specific, and more diverse. later i will post some of my later poems or short stories, for you to see the change.

My emotions have the best of me, they are
like a rollercoaster and when they go down,
i feel i cant get back up.

my emotional conciousness has left me in a rut
and no matter what i try i keep falling into the
same hole.

then the beauty of grace comes to my rescue and
takes my emotional ride and makes a racetrack with
its pieces.

my emotional headache has been behaving better,
but still i find myself in one of those days when
not even a higher power can drag me out.

then i hear my own voice echoing: "I have loved you
with everlasting love; i have franw you with ever
lasting kindness, i will built you up again and you
will be rebuilt" (jeremiah 31 3:4)
I am broken, i have lost my faith, my soul, my heart.
i feel as though i drag weights of chain, heaviness of the
cross i carry. i am empty, i am empty, i am empty and
yet my head is full of lessons learned.

But what have i become without a soul? i am only
wandering helplessly around this land feeling nothing
but sorrow. i want to live, i want to live, i want to live;
but still i cannot find one reaon to.

Like a rose picked from its bush, whose petals are
slowl dying, i was tron rapidly from a world i've always
known and now withering too soon.

Will i ever rid myself from this longing solitude?
will i find my way? i am in such need of salvation,
perhaps i no longer have much faith, but my hope
is all in you lord.

I'm stuck in this arena of pain. a hollow heart
that weeps in discomfort. it's a hard life i am
going through, cant find comfort not even in the
thought of you. tonight is getting cold and my soul
seems to freeze itself in a moment of time that would
never come back and tears seem to fall without rest.
i am disconsorted, overwhelmed and in this demise of
inflicted injusry caused by a broken heard that does
not seem to mend, the days are long and ardous. all i
want id to erase all memories and perhaps wont feel the
need of running away.

Franchy(my best friend)

A Smile as genuine as a pearl,
he's the image of humbleness and
simplicity.he wears a golden heart t
hat is never shielded. overcoming even
the most difficult of obstacles, he's a dream
come true. pure and honest with his shiny locks,
he's a heartbreaker, but one you always want
to give you heart too.

El humo del cigarillo me acuerda
de tu mirada y los momentos en
que nos sentabamos uno al lado
del otro haciendo no mas que
Entre el coqueteo y las miradas
poco obvias ha crecido un cariƱo
dificil de definir
Nos pusieron en el mismo sitio
al mismo tiempo con un proposito
que va mas alla de lo que pueda
Entre los momentos cuyos los
cigarillos eran nuestros unicos
amigos, he ido cayendo con este
semitimiento que me trae miedo
y felicidad.
Te has convertido en mi confidente,
el que nunca me falla y ahora mas que
esos 5 cigarillos, tambien me he
encontrado contigo.


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