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Monday, September 19, 2005

A True Talk

The truth is if we would have paid attention to something we learned in school it should have been that. An old friend reminded me that, yes, we did have the answer that could have prevented us from all those hard times when we wonder what could I have done and the what ifs that seem to torture our souls. It’s sad to know that somehow we forgot that one quote and that one abbreviation that defined who we were.

The motto of the tight group that we were, got lost and just as we disintegrated going in our own paths so it seemed that we also disintegrated our lessons.

“Never Expect Too Much”

We seemed to say that over, repeating ourselves like a broken record and when we needed it that most, it had vanished. So the reality of your whole situation is this, it is your fault you expected more than you should have from a person who isn’t you. Certainly you have to understand that the male species never really will have a mind of its own (well most of them at least). So to expect more than instincts from a species that is inferior emotionally is plain ignorant. I do admit that I too have fallen for them, the point is not about falling, but realizing that if you do decide to fall be prepared to stand back up (on your own) cause they will not notice you plunge and they might just point and laugh; don’t make the fall too far down because you just might get hurt. All I’m saying is measure, analyze, and interpret. It might just avoid some headaches.

Sure there will be some that might seem to leap out of this little stereotype, but what ive learned is not matter how different they might seem, they have always and will always be the same. Somehow these new descending habitants are just wearing disguises. But if you expect too much from them, they will let you down.

The S.W.A.T.’s

We used to be single women alone together (even when we had someone). Being taken doesn’t make you less single in this union of women, its just a way to understand that together we have the strength to overcome anything. Things did seem a lot easier when we were swats. Now it seems that by not having the group around, we let ourselves get overcome by this emotion “love” and cant see clearly and by not having a representative SWAT around, we stumble, we fall, we break, and we cry about it. We need urgently to contact each other and remember what it was like before when we were together than alone like now.

To my fellow SWATs….

Swat 1. who always had the quotes to guide us.

Swat 2. who knew when we had to stop having fun.

Swat 3. who always fell in love and by whom we learned valuable lessons about love.

Swat 4. who taught us that 3 years together doesn’t mean you’ll be together always

Swat 5. Who taught us to pass the time. Swat 6. who knew it was ok to be crazy

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