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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

my boyfriend

ok so since i never talk about him i decided to dedicate this post to him..., so i met james like 2 years ago just when i start college and he was the type of person i really really didnt like near me, but seemed to be there everytime i didnt want to be alone. so yes i thought he was a little snobish and kinda "quiet". he was the rude kind of quiet... yeah i really didnt like him, but i didnt dislike him either. Well after having to hang out for so long, he kinda grew on me and i kinda grew on him. now it wasnt the "he's the only one here so i will have to sit with him" kinda thing, but more like oh theres james let me go to him. so after i missed a semester i was surprised to find an email of him saying something that james would say (when hes drunk and looking for a girl). but whatever thats another story altogether. continuing on, i write back saying i missed his "quietness"/stupidness. so he asks me out, me being as undecided as i am say sure, but wondering how im gonna get out of it if i decide i dont really want to go out with him. well after a while we do go out and catch a movie. during the movie i just thought.... oh this sucks... this dude doesnt talk but i knew that... great im bored, its kinda scary movie and everytime i get scared, he calls me a wuss. ok so not everything was bad after that it got a little better, but we werent just that into each other but somehow we keep calling one another... and while he throughs "witty" insulting remarks, i do the same with much more sutleness. It wasnt gonna get anywhere i mean this guy who told me he would never ask a girl to be his girlfriend is just not what im looking for. i realized then that maybe i needed something different. so we dated for what seemed like forever(which really was like a month or so) and then all drunk (like usual back then) i said something like im mad at you and hes like oh thats too bad cause i wanted you to be my girlfriend... by this point i was like your kidding right? and hes like no... im like yes you are and after awhile i bought it... so here we are almost six very strange months later. now your probably wondering what our relationship is like... well its kinda off a rollercoaster of everything. i am spoiled i can admit that, and for such different personalities to be together we kinda needed to come to a middle ground.... which isnt always what i do best, and thinking this was gonna be a passing thing its become much more than that. and ive learn to love everything about him cause he is alot to handle, but so am i. so there i love you you idiot

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JOSEPH said...

thats a cool story, its interesting how u guys got together. funny how the unlikely become the inevitable. you have a wonderful thing going on there. best wishes and blessings.