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Friday, October 21, 2005

To make a mountain

i was listening to music today and i heard a very interesting song from a very interesiting group who seems to always give us some inspirational message from the group that brought us the song popular.... nadasurf. ok so today listening to always love got me thinking about everything and of course my sister was my inspiration when she stole his frase by telling me if you want to make a mountain of your life go ahead but i wont..... so today's inspirational quote will be: "To make a mountain of your life Is just a choice But I never learned enough to listen to the voice that told me Always love…hate will get you every time Always love…Don’t wait till the finish line" so dont let your sould get invaded by such hate because then you wont allow love to come inside your soul. keep in mind that the best way to beat your enemy is with compassion, love and friendliness...

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