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Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Used-Bert

so what have i been doing lately you wonder... nothing much.... university... sleep... music... my obsession. ok so yes i have become addicted to emo, but whatever, rather an addiction to music than to anything else dont you think. this band, the used, is an incredible mixture of sound, passion and great lyrics. at first i heard the songs thought hmm this is interesting and all the sudden i've been like sucked into this world of the used. it seems that every song has a special meaning you can identify with. after reading well, i was gonna say just about them, but i should say EVERYTHING about them, i understand now why i like them so much. its hard to find soething you can relate to and wether its pop, rock, punk, metal whatever it seems all bands have something similarities to them and this one seems to break away that mold. ok so whatever... i sound... fanatic... which is so being weird again... ayy olvidalo

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