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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

a whole lot of nothingness

with the ghost of you who is always there im left to fend for my own thoughts but always knowing youre there. may you be able to count on me like i do on you

light of my heart that like a flickering candle is threatening to turn off, as a rough wind has passed this way. and in the darkness i can see that somehow i have been sorrounded by everlasting bits of extasy that lift me up and give me hope again. and when this all fades away and when the lamp is finally left on its on, will i still be yearning the vivacious and constant monotany that i've held so dear.

so this weekend things seemed to go on about in a very strange way, where i had to come across things i havent yet wanted to think about which left me wandering about in my own world of thoughts who's only guest is I. during this search for meaning i was distracted:

ring ring
(blocked id)


is this sheila

uhh yeah.....

are you from australia sheila (background x= 2)

umm who is it...

.......(dead silence)

sarina... i dont know who this is....

*sarina* click..... i made it easy....

ok so back to the analyzing... i figured out... well this i always knew... that perhaps i think too much and its better to leave things......

ring ring


.......(dead silence)


ok whatever back on the soul thing... wait i wonder who was it that called.../ it sounded like james but no hes sleeping.... ok moving on.... its better to leave things.... maybe it was rimsky i bet it was him.... nope wasnt him..... its better to leave things.... no... it couldnt be.... but maybe.... nahhh impossible.... but if "it" did..... no no just forget it....

anyways where was i.... oh yes its better to leave things... great i've lost my string of mini epyphanies. shoulda, coulda, woulda........

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