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Sunday, November 27, 2005

im really bored

last kiss: early this evening (its girlfriend duty j/k)

last cigarette: like 3 hours ago… I need one now

last good cry: a good good good good good cry like 8 months ago(it sucked it did).. a good
whateverish cry like 2 months ago…

last library book checked out: I buy books I don’t rent them

last movie seen: last movie I saw on tv was romy and michele(last night.. I was bored it was 3 in the morning not a lot to watch)

last book read: Couples that kill

last cuss word uttered: no jodas (I don’t like to cuss so mind you this was yesterday my sister said I was stupid to go to the salon before the gym [helloo I have class afterward] it was the only time I could go)

last beverage drank: soda last night

last food consumed: a piece of airhead

last phone call: jaime…. Before that laura…

last tv show watched: veronica mars episode 209 (I have to download them)

last shoes worn: a pair of my sisters shoes that mind you were big on me (just by a little) they were like boho type thingy

last cd played: Mystery repeated (a cd I made which contained artists like PANDA, sheridan, ari herst, dashboard, something corporate, bla bla bla)
last item bought: hmmm I bought 3 tshirts one says that’s hot and in the back says your not, the other says don’t be jealous, and team aniston and a hollister skirt….. im addicted

last download: Bill engvall (comedy)

last annoyance: nothing good to buy today at the store.

last disappointment: today between 3 and 5 *hint, hint*

last soda drank: coca cola

last thing handwritten: a poem I wrote using songs by dashboard. I’ll post it later

last word spoke: bye

last sleep: at 4 in the morning… woke up at like 1

last IM: nelly (who didn’t answer)

last weird encounter: tono en el parquesito

last ice cream eaten: prailines caramel crunch

last amused: an hour ago watching pablo francisco

last time wanting to die: see that’s a problem, I have an intense fear of death, I’d have to say like 9 months or so ago during my good good good good cry

last time hugged: last night

last time scolded: like a week ago.. but I scold back

last chair sat in: pc chair

last lipstick used: lip gloss (I don’t use lipstick my lips are perfect the way they are *Narcissist*) it tasted like watermelon

last shirt worn: I think it was the one that says jesus is my rockstar… or was it the christian dior… im not sure… one of them two

last time dancing: i World say last night but that wasnt really really dancing so lets say last Saturday and hopefully today
last poster looked at: uno que dice strength in the gym

1 MINUTE AGO: i was...filling up this questionnaire

1 HOUR AGO: listening to panda and talking to frank

1 DAY AGO: I was watching a veronica mars marathon with my sister

1 WEEK AGO: writing something (I don’t drink so I cant say that :S)

1 YEAR AGO: having dinner with erik watching passion de gavilanes and eating dinner

1. What do you most like about your body?everything now (everything is getting hard… it’s the gyms job)

2. And least? My hair(I want it to be long again wahhhh)

3. How many fillings do you have? I don’t know…

4. Do you think you're good looking? Uhh YEAH

5. Do other people tell you that you're good looking? Jejeje yes…

First job: my dad’s company… i lasted 3 days… havent worked ever since.. oh wait I volunteered at a childrens home but they closed, it wasn’t working it was pleasure

First screen name: Witchy
First funeral: a friend’s brother
First pet: a cat
First piercing/tattoo: out of the norm… my belly button
First Kiss: jaja manny (yeezzz that was long ago)
First one that mattered: tricky question….i’ll go with raul and erik
First love: dammit trickier… first love… manuel (de llovio) no se hagan illusiones (sorry I know lots of manuels)

First enemy: stace probably she was my first enemy my best friend then worst enemy then best friend.. then we grew up…

First concert: I don’t remember

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