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Friday, November 11, 2005

Letter to Karma

(dean of what goes around comes around [wgca])
heaven avenue
WWJD building

Dear Karma,

are you there karma? its me... shei...
I was wondering if maybe from the bottom of your big pink heart you could erase a few of my bad karma choices and so i can get off with a warning and a clean slate. so i'm sorry for;

*making fun of that one girls hair.

*contributing to the delinquency(not really a delinquent but you get the idea... right?) of an adolescent.

*for reading unnamed girl's diary(for the record... it didnt really have anything interesting in it and i repent on it... i wasted my time)

*for singing really loudly when everyone else was asleep (in my defense, i tried to sing them back to sleep.... they didnt like it)

*Stealing unnamed girl's boyfriend (wrong choice of judgement, i did give him back though... i get points for that right?)

*for using my abilities of writing/manipulation/creativity to write very hurtful emails for and to other people and actually sending them (i was helping them.... i should get good points for that too)

*reading people's chatlog... printing them... outlining them.... emailing them.... laughing about them.... teaching other people about them.. saving them... naming them.... you know the whole shabang (

*yelling at someone in public (he/she wasnt listening... what was i suppose to do... wait?!)

*listening in on other peoples conversation and then commenting them with my co-conspirator (i had helpppp it's not like i acted alone)

i doubtedly will ever make a list (im no earl hickey) but i promise to try really really hard not to do them again... and just in a case i do... im sorry :)... you're a great gal karma, please let me know if you have any difficulties fufilling the erasing of my rap sheet. please convince the big man on top to allow this one time.

with love...

  • this is letter is fiction (for the brainless that means this writing was produced from imagination and not necessarily is based on fact)... i wrote this for kicks and laughs


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Nelly said...

hehehe...seria lo maximo borrar par de cositas....count me in....get a word in for old little nelly :) shes good...she really is