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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


A Box Full Of Sharp Objects.....

and when you get cut from the piece of broken glass that seems to point out of my heart, will you look at your bleeding hand and faint? or will you hold on as tight as ever... and if you do hold on and feel your chest getting hurt from the needle that seems to have found a place inside your chest, will you pull it out and disregard me.. or will you look deeply into my broken heart and pick up the piece? slowly removing all that seems to pierce my soul and yours?

[ipod on]

playlist of choice- saying im sorry....

check that off...

playlist of choice- emotion is dead

song of choice- i know/ trespassers william

inspiration factor- 8/10

Significance of song- knowing that all they had is gone and knowing she'll never be there with him again.... bitter...


I know that if i waited i know that if i wait a thousand days will lie wasted with thoughts of you


........ beebop?....... not getting any signals from my brain... is this writers block?


deep thought....[sigh] nothing

*its blank... yup its totally blank....*

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