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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Strangers again

i was sitting with a friend the other day talking about the usual love hysteria and the conversation went a little like this?

me: its not that difficult to understand. when you fall in love with someone and then suddenly you guys go your seperate ways (nice way of putting it) its like you become strangers again.

anon: isnt that a song?

me: what are you talking about

anon: that song by ari hest that says (trying to sing it) long before we ever touch long before we knew too much i wish we were strangers again.and bla bla bla bla

me: what does that have to do with this?

anon: well, if you were strangers you wouldnt have to go through all that ackwardness of sitting in the same table with your ex-love and having to ignore each other at all cost. its like you wouldnt have to deal get it?

me: yeah but then there is the probability that you would fall for each other again if you were strangers cause you didnt go through everything.

anon: you think it would have been different under other circumstances. like a look would have been enough to change everything or a touch or like if he hadnt smelled your hair, or invited you to the movies or tell you you look pretty today.

me: dude you just went through like 4 years of MY life in a sentence

anon: jejeje yeah whatever, better use your experiences than mine. but now everything is like that song psycho.

me: what is it you do? imagine a certain scene in your life and put music to it

anon: yes.....

me: jejeje i do that alot does that one go?

anon: imagine an awesome guitar (mimicking guitar sounds) then it goes: that guy is a psycho and everybody's saying that i must be crazy, he loves me he hates me doesnt really matter cause i know we are who we are...

me: ah! thats the one by sheridan.

anon: wait im not done... (yelling) but im never right never wrong cant seem to make up my mind, there is no lie going on in my head, how long should i wait everytime you run away, how long should try i never get it right why do you push me away like everybody else you push me further away.

me: bitter.... buttttt: (singing) i dreamt that i woke up and everything was alright, and he wasnt waiting so much for sanity cause nothing ever changes but i know we are who we are

anon: whatever (drinking) you want?

me:i dont drink alcohol. (i'm alcohol intolerant) i should write a poem about that... it go: when was it that i stopped recognizing you, you who knew me a little too much, with whom i shared dreams and kisses. when was it that life simple ran off through my finger tips. wouldnt it be better to have met only in our imagination. perhaps we wouldnt have to wear these masks and stare in disillusion at the sky, wondering when was it i lost mine. so sad to watch go, knowing today we stand side by side only as acquaintences of circumstances that life shared with us. i wish you'd comprehend that for some reason, for some sign seeing you reminds me of someone that i'd lost long ago.

anon: you didnt just make it up

me: of course i did... look at me ciggarrette in one hand, staring far into the abyss... im a bitter sweet poet. its easy i just think of a word or a song and imagine what people would want to hear, its like describing emotions.

anon: whatever lets go...

me: suit yourself, i was gonna buy you another drink

anon: in that case lets stay (sip sip)

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