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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bad habits

i was listening to this song today bad habits by michael tolcher and its such a beautiful song. it makes you think of how we live our lives. see there is this part in the song why would you work without living, selling your soul. many times in our multiple experiences in human bodies (firm believer in reencarnation) we will repeat our same mistakes because we do so much and live so little if not at all. I compare my life as a young girl(im talkin like 7 or 8 years old) and now, its so true how our innocence allows us to feel alive and enjoy this moment thats not long, every second is less time to gain new experiences, less time to try to mend our mistakes and learn from them.

i often wished things would have been different and in these last 3 of 4 months, i have learned much. it is so important to try to enjoy every second, to take risks (postive ones), to allow yourself to feel free. it has been so hard for me to feel free in my mind. well if you notice how much i write, you'll understand that i think way way too much and gaining this sense that i can just let go and be content with being laying in my bed and doing nothing. download the song, look at the lyrics and then you;ll understand.

in other news:
i finally tried to wakeboard, yup i've been going to the lake for like about a year or more probably more.... yeah way more and i never wanted to try it. so today i gave it a chance and it was fun. taking into consideration that ive known everything in theory i did excellent. of course theory isnt as hard as the practice, but it helps too know it...

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