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Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Confession in Dashboard Language

In an attempt to make a dashboard confession
i squirm in the seat of your car trying to get
the courage to say,
you have become the ghost of a good thing for me
and i will like nothing more than to pull you close
in an attempt to avoid this becoming my best
deception. i will with most certainty feel the rapid
hope loss of this brilliant dance that we have
learned. if only i could make this the good fight
to make a stand for all those who've known
broken hearts and concrete floors in order
to succeed i must bend and not break, in order
not to suffer from the sharp hint of new tears.
i have made this a long good night trying to point
out the hidden realities of which i want you
to believe fate took part in this and put you
in my light to guide me out of this place that
i have come to fear the most. the knowledge of
my lose has left this old wound open and aching
and with this i end only saying that,
like the drifting vehicules that pass through here
who's headlights seem to captivate us
i've been asked by my own soul to bare my heart
out to you in expectation that after you hear
these thoughts you will left with no choice but
to vindicate me.

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Anonymous said...

is this a song? anyway I really liked it...