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Friday, December 16, 2005

Last Time

ok so for the anonymous comment... the dashboard thing is a poem i wrote (and needs fixing... i improvised)

ok so im going to miami Argg... i have a mixture of excitement and fear. i mean come on such a long time... will i bear it?! in other news... well... forget it.

is this the right time?
or is it just the last time
to say how things are suppose
to be.

i wonder how many more perfect
ones there are and only caring this
last dance will play forever.

i dont remember if i've said these
words before, i no longer know
its for the best you know.

perhaps i should just wave goodbye now
and skip the funeral and eulogy
that will eventually come.

I was a beggar to love that had left
me here to starve, in the dark twisted
streets of revolution

so you could be the last time or only the
ghost of this belief i have indocriniced
myself to learn.

farewell is such a permanent word
but i'll wave goodbye, be on my

perhaps it wouldnt have ended this way
but baby gravity's lost it's hold on me and
I will not fall again.


Anonymous said...

thank u for answering...i liked that poem because it made my imagination do it like a play, did it a couple times, really cool...keep it up!

El Coma said...

I think you should change the last verse, if it's true, then gravity's hold on you will keep you falling again and again.

GRAMMAR lesson:
you wrote "gotta" when you should have written "gravity has got a hold ...", right? you're repeting the "a".

More later, I'm busy right now.