There's music in love, love in music, and life is all in between

Monday, January 30, 2006

Loving you is a test

she sits at the end of the stairs staring
he looks past her as though she were a ghost
that he cant seem to see.

she smiles as her friends come greet her and
ask her to dance, but inside shes just hoping
if she sits there long enough he'll notice
she's waiting.

the voice inside her head wants her to give up,
her heart the fearless soldier of her soul wants
her to keep fighting.

she looks at the horizon wondering if the sea ends
there and if life is really like the waves having
the high tides but eventually reseading back
into the abyss.


i find it in the corner it's old and rusted
it hasnt been used in a long time, i cant
seem to make it work.
i try scraping away the rust but a hole takes
its place instead. in an effort to get this
fixed, i call up the mechanic. "bring it to
me, give me a few days, i'll try my best to fix
in a effort to control my impatience i start polishing
the stand where i plan to put it after its renewed.
as the days pass i go up to the mechanic who gives
me the piece still looking rusted, old and barely
working. he says he got me a new one if i wanted to
trade. he showed me this shiny looking thing. i reflect
on my decision and decide to take mine home, "wouldnt
a new one be the easiest decision". i look at the
rusted heart and say "it might, but wouldnt be the same
i just needed help getting it to run again"

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*-. aliCe .-* said...

if youre certain its worth fighting for, dont stop fighting. when its time to give up, you'll know. and somehow moving on will not seem so scary anymore.