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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

To Those Who Deserve It

Walking down the crooked path i stumble
on a stone and break my arm, i start
to cry but am taken aback by an image
of pure bliss, wearing a long pink dress
that seems to flow with the wind and
as she kneels down to hold me, her wings seem
to cover me as though she is protecting me
from an unknown dark power. i stand and she
disappears and again i am left alone to fend
for myself in this dreadful forest. i try
to run past the wind that smells of torture,
only to find myself in front of a bridge whos
only protection is a stick upon which the old
rope who's strings look like hairs sticking out
of dreadlokes is wrapped around. i gain the courage
to start going over but an acid rain starts
to come down, it tingles and makes the bridge swing
sideways. i try to run but its pointless it is too
far along and i have no strength. i see him coming from
the sky a warrior with shiny colors that seem
to radiate with him, he grabs my hand and we
arrive safely on the other side. knowing i have
a long way to go i ask if he would accompany me
for a while, i dont want to be alone in this
foresaken place. he stares with eyes of sympathy
and tells me that they have never left my side
only standing in the shadows waiting for me
to need help standing back up. time has passed and
no longer do i need to be picked up after time
and time again. but how sweet it is to know that
i have two angels by my side always willing
unconditionally to help me along my way.

To my mommy and daddy cause i love em and they
are my angels.

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