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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Between Changing Sunsets and Evening Stars

me at the beach

eyes that never lie, i wonder what mysteries you hide inside, have you seen my soul today? ive hidden it so far down i cant seem to reach it, mind if you try? and in the different in our aspects, looking in our eyes you can find the same emotions, the same complexion, the same perdition that we had, we've had to grow perhaps too many long years ahead of our age, but as our minds grow, so does our hearts, so does are friendship. (ME AND STACEY AT THE BEACH)

armando and me. explaining that at 17 and at 21 i still have the same body, its just... well..... that picture is sexy.... and in a sweater like i am now.... is not sexy.... the flu (which i have) is not sexy and being a little insy drunk is not sexy..... (ive decided to not drink anymore.... btw)..... and my hair.... though beautiful.... looks much better long (its growing again....)

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