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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Drowning in a cup of wine

what has love turn to? the suffocating feeling of soul searching and finding nothing but deception. what will we tell our children, when they wonder how they will feel when they "fall inlove"? do we tell them that falling is exactly that and eventually you'll feel the cold hard truth break your back as you try to land upright? or do we let them imagine that perhaps they will not go through the suffering that we have known through these twenty something years?

what has love turn to? the hopeless sensation of being stuck in a boat under a thunderstorm and finding no safety in this furious sea. has this what it has come to? to underestimate the power of such emotion, minimizing it into just a chemical reaction in this circus of chemical romances? could i then react to some sort of farmaceutical reliever that will help me avoid such a misinterpretation?


standing over the corner table staring out on the abyss
coffee and cigarretes to keep her company wearing only
sundays best. the lonely people often come by this wasteland
of tears. still days after today she will be here staring
into this midnight highway, expecting that one day the sunsets
will stop falling and her days will be brighten by the burning sun
dreaming of days that seem to have no rest, she's looking for love
in all the wrong places, always asking herself where are you going,
if the road is to the north and shes walking south towards adelaide.
and when the party starts at hotel roosevelt, she dances with tears
in her eyes allowing the volcano of emotions to explode in front
of all these strangers that look at her in dismay. and to her apollo
she calls out begging him not to walk away but from afar he waves bye
bye beautiful.

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