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Monday, March 20, 2006

A new door, a new opportunity

“I lost a friend along this bitterness”

If only I could walk through time,
Would I make different choices?
Having seen where my decisions have
All guided me, would I do anything

Would I sacrifice my soul to change my past?
And If I altered my life to free myself from
An emotion that’s eating through my soul,
Surrendering the knowledge I’ve gain through
Heartaches and pain, will that help at all?

Why can’t I just march into the future and see
What mysteries hide in there? And if I view
A life of painful experiences and stumbling
Stones, will I still have the courage to keep
On going already knowing the hardships that
Lie ahead or will I turn back an create a life
Where everything seems to be in black and

And in the middle of the road, my present
Journey, I’ve been asking myself where did
I go wrong? Do I have the courage to leave
The past behind and leave the future ahead
In its time, live each day like it will never
End, and value the sunrises instead of dreading
The incoming sunset?

“So you think you can tell”

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