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Monday, March 20, 2006

ps. i didnt mean to hurt you

me: life is like a rollercoaster baby

anon: oh why is that.

me: cause it has its ups and down, but its a fun ride.

anon: so how have you been feeling?

me: like ive been running forever and cant find a place to rest, so im gasping for air, but i dont know how much longer i can hold on.

anon: ok so i asked how you were feeling, i didnt expect a metaphor

me: hehe you know me, always buzzing. but so far so good. i try my best to be a selfless human being. i always try to give the best of myself.

anon: dude you always say that, we know you're good thats great! you have to understand that perhaps you give people too much credit, you expect them to behave the same way you do and it doesnt work that way.

me: the world is a vampire?

anon: oh good... have you been listening to your today i hate you playlist again.

me:(blushing) no... yes... maybe... i got a new song.

anon: you have to stop torturing yourself, you can try to save the world but you cant always succeed at saving everyone.

me: cant i just save some...

anon: the ones you wanna safe are hopeless

me:(singing...out of key) should i be feeling guilty or let the judges frown... it may be over but it wont stop there i am here for you if youd only care... my heart was blinded by you.... ive been addicted to you... goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend you had been the one for me.

anon: thats so saddddd...

me: blame anon2 he gave me the song, i cried for like 3 hours.... then i got over it.

anon: that fast huh?

me: what... i cant spend eternity feeling guilty for letting go of something i love and loved me just because its just impossible to make it work... or should i?

anon: no you shouldnt...

me: and yet they hurt me, as though testing me to see if im made out of rock.

anon: ignore it.

me: (singing..on key this time) and im over this childish need for attention im over your constant threats of rejection, im over those eyes critizicing my every move... you were my disease but im finally free of your septic affection which has spread to my wounds but theyve already healed.

anon: dude...bye

me: dont go!!

anon: bye!

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