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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Stuck in a cage

Dear Karma,

are you there Karma, its me again.... sheila. Are you out there? Are you listening to me? i got a bone to pick with you karma!! i mean i dont get it, i said i was sorry for all the bad stuff i did and after that ive made it up to you. like:

*ive dutifully learn to accept people as they are and not as i want them to be... most of the time (welllll....sorryyy i cant be perfect!)

*i try to give the best of myself so others will give the best of themselves (ive figured this doesnt always work but its worth a try)

*im nice and polite even to people i dont like.

*i avoid breaking peoples heart so mine wont be broken (not always get positive results)

ok so those are some of the nicer qualities of mine. im asking for another favor... i know i know im no one to be asking for favors, but a friend in need is a friend indeed or whichever and i need some help. you know my mom always told me i have this mission and people who have missions have to suffer a little to be strong and again bla bla bla. but im getting a little tired thus i suggest you give your mission to someone else, i dont want it.

ok ok... i want it.... but i need to see some positive results here. at least one give me that. pah leezeeee. oh and i have a question dudette, why in the world where man invented to be such sleeze? i mean i understand we have to be the one's to rock this boat of life, but do we need such a burden?!

well im gonna say goodbye now... noooo wait, i have another question.... is it ok if i become a nun just cause i dont want to be a lesbo but want no contact with men? or should i just stick to being a prune? i think id be a good nun.... but i want babies... i dont know...helppppp

always your dearrr admirer
shei shei.

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