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Monday, March 20, 2006

they may be a million, but theres only some special ones

so we have this discussion of whos my best friends .. cause you all say i have like a million of them... but i never could explain the reason why i love you.

i love you cause you tell me to call you everytime i get home, BECAUSE I LOVE YOU and i have fun around you. because you take care of me and my car, im sorry but i feel thats important too. because we do everyhing together and i love having someone who i can depend on and i hope you know you can depend on me... whats mine is yours and whats yours... well it obviously has to be make me laugh

guillermo y yo
yo te quiero porque estas completamente loco y atascado en los 80's! you always like someone and im always there to give you advice on them and i love that. cause i can tell you everything (but youll tell the rest... so... why in the world do i tell you things) pk YO TE QUIERO y tu me da risa... y no se... tu ta crazy como yo

3.Rimsky (rims,prinsky)
because everytime i go to the uni the first thing i asked when i got there was where is my worse half... you... but that was before you got a girlfriend and got all weird on us... so.... youve gone down a few ranks... i hope you know that!!!!! but still you always know when im sad or when im gonna get sad. because we do mean things to other people (THEY DESERVED IT!)... nobody messes with my boys.


pk tu ta ma loco que yo y eres mi psicologo personal... plus its nice to have someone to discuss what my psych. told me and what your psych. told you and why doesnt mine do that. cause you help me with classes... cause you and i have.... you know.... we are just insane... i love that

diantreee entrate.... e k this love has grown into a beautiful flower baby... plus you brought along my new partner in crime, natalia...jiji... mua mua mua.

now the girls

my friend, we fight, we forgive... you know whats nice of finally being able to grow up how easily we get over things... i love it when you sleep over and when we talk about EVERYTHING. its like we never have ackward moments because we always have something to tell each other... cause we grew up together, cause i dont know your my sister from another mother!


tu ta loca... y te encanta un chisme.... tu me pegas tus vainas y siempre alguien con kien ir a party party y todo el mundo tiene una percepcion equivocada de ti, pero mejor asi pa que nadie te me robe!pk aunque tu harta (siempre mirandote en el espejo, dejame esperando como 10 horas y siempre ya toy bajando cuando te busco, quejandote por todo) me encanta ta contigo... mi companera en maldad!


dude... i cant believe my sister is my best friend that is soooooooo sad!i mean its just pathetic, but i wouldnt have it any other way. even if pms does make us get all on top of each other, you know i tell you everything EVERYTHING and i hope you do the same. DUDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

eso e lo k yo ma kiero en ete mundoooooooo, tu sabe k yo siempre te voy a kere mucho mucho mucho mucho mucho tu ere cuenta aparte!
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