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Monday, March 20, 2006

understanding the understood.

anon: what are you doing?

shei: thinking.

anon: thinking about what skirt to wear with us tonite?

shei: im thinking of how i should feel

anon: easy... feel fine!

shei: i feel fine... but you know what i miss most of having a boyfriend, having someone call just to say hi, i care about you, bye. the simple things you know.

anon: ok lets go out, im wearing my lucky jeans!

shei: im refuse to go out

anon: youre leaving me and my lucky jeans hanging?!

shei: unfortunatly... yes! men suck

anon: dont put us all in your little mess

shei: i suck, im so stupid stupid stupid.

anon: your stupid if you get like that plus YOU ARENT STUPID, YOUR NOT STUPID WHEN:

*you put your little skirt and go dancing with us!

*when we play pictionary and get drunk

shei:(cutting in) no im not... im still stupid.. that moment i was dumb and drunk.

anon: correction... you were HILARIOUS! i mean you broke a cup, a figurine and almost broke the whole table. let me continue... your not stupid when:

*you give really bad directions but stand on the street looking at some white bus waiting for us.

*when you hugs and kiss your friends just cuz

*when you draw your fucked up horse in pictionary

shei: heyyyyy it was with the left hand! please continue

anon: you drew it the same way with your right hand... face it you cant draw for shit.

shei: true

anon: continuing you dont suck when:

*you go out of your way to pick up your friends just cause you want them to play board games.

*you give everyone the chance to be completely comfortable around you

*you dont expect much from your friends except love and commitment... to the board games!

*when you break tables in doubles

(interruption) it was an accident

*when you make i hate you today playlists, but you know theres only love in that heart of yours.

shei: love to kick (beeep) ass

anon: righttt, youre incapable of violence.

shei: i bit you didnt i!?!

anon: true... i still got the scar

shei: whatever you started it.... you bit me first

anon: what are we 5

shei: CLOSE, but no we are actually 12!

anon: so what do your pjs look like.. i bet their boxers and a white tank top

shei: actually no, im wearing a shirt that says: girl on mission. 1. to find funny, sensitive guy. 2. to find funny, sensitive guy with a job. 3. to find funny, sensitive guy with a job and WITHOUT a girlfriend.. good luck! and pants with little hearts with wings in it.

anon: 2 late for that!

shei: yeah... noted!

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