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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Is there anyone out there?

is anybody out there?
can you come over and tuck me in, you see im feeling like there is a hole in my soul through which every emotion drains away into an abyss that i have yet to reach the bottom.

can anyone hear me?
cause i have been screaming so loud that ive lost my voice, so in a fragile whisper i try to call out to someone who has yet to come and save me from this solitude.

Can anyone drive me?
can you give me a lift up to a place where i can find a key that ive lost, it leads to my heart and without it its open to thiefs that might try to take what little is left inside.

Can anyone see me?
cause ive been wearing this mask so long that i doubt anyone has seen the real me and im about to forget who i was in the first place;

can anyone find me?

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