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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Maybe baby

my best friends.... how i love them.... they drive me nuts.... sometimes i want to shoot them.... sometimes just strangle them..... but somehow..... we always end up back were we started... together...

so this was a fun day.... we went to El Botanico with all our dogs... yes all 5 of them... (leyla marie h. agudelo, my cocker spaniel... sucky yaki agudelo, the yorkie.... einstein agudelo, chihuahua.... donato contreras, yorkie (most annoying one too) and minnie bello (weeee misss you minnniieeee come backkkkk)


could i go back to a place in time where innocence ran through her vains and the naive nature of a child was at play? could i ever go back to where we once were, were the imagination ran free and we became so much more than just complicated?

could i go back to a place in time when you were next to me pretending to be asleep and as i kissed your forehead i could imagine nothing else but us forever. but the novel of our love has been burned along with other stories whose only copies whisked away into ashes.

could i go back to a place in time where everything goes on in rewind, to have the ability to relive our love all over againl. if only you could see how the light seems to have died out without you.

could i go back to a place in time, could i go back, and perhaps never come back....

i miss you.


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