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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

In the rough

you crept up quietly into my soul and when you reached
my heart you knocked on the door. i look out the window
saw you standing perfectly in all your imperfections and
i was inclined to open the door.

i thought i was dreaming hadnt i already given up on this
endless search for that special someone and
had decided all we do is live in a circus chemical reactions
that ultimatly evaporate after its is processed?

and as i stare at him standing out in the dark cold road that
lead to my heart, the moon suddenly came out of hiding and
illuminated every inch of your body, still considering the
possibility of letting it all go, i ask whats in the box his
holding. a thimble and a sewing kit.

i finally realize i should open the door before he gets exhausted
by the wait and so i do. whats that box for? i ask. he looks at
me with sweetness in his eye and says "i was hoping to help you
sew your heart back together".

im hoping to fix the broken down house next. :P

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