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Saturday, May 27, 2006

The one that got away and stayed away

im so happy to see you smile, to see that life has opened new highways for you to speed on. i hope youve learned to lower your speed when youre on the curves and too stay awake when the road seems to stretch infinitly. its nice to hear youve achieved your dreams, but then ive always thought you would.

id like to tell you im okay too. ive learned to stop when im warned and i try not to race so much. i gave myself a chance to be brave and take the wheel steer and brake. youd be so proud, i havent crashed in some months now, i think im more focused on the path and not so much on the sourroundings.

i repainted the whole carriage and fixed all the small dents. i left on scratch on it to remind me of the trip we took so long ago. im happy to see you smile, you make me proud.

it felt like a real friendship.

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