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Friday, May 12, 2006

somehow i still hope

act1. i still hope ill end up with him.

acr3. you have faith in that?

act1. i didnt fight this hard to be with him. maybe i dont deserve to be happy, but im hoping that im wrong.

acr3. so what do you want to tell him?

act1. there are so many things id like to say at a moment like this and not enough words come to mind. i love you and perhaps i've never said that before but i think its what i feel. we were planted one hot summer day and as time passed, they thought that seed had dried out. but to everyone surprise it grew slowly from the ground, but the roots of this bush of roses didnt set deep into ground, but uprooted and became fragile. but still, it continued to grow, every now and then they had to cut off a twig or two that had dried off, but flowers eventually blossomed. then one day it stopped growiing, the main root was broken and the bush was left for dead. they held on to that bush praying that a miracle would happen and again it would blossom and give that small garden a bit of joy and passion.... im waiting to see the end of the story. the point is that like a rose bush we have thorns but we have the beauty of the roses, and even though we grew from the impossible of waterless soil, even apart it continues to move foward. i dont want it to end here, i want to replant the bush and pour water on it and protect the roots from coming above the ground.

i want to hold you, love you, protect you, help you, lead you and do the impossible to make you happy. cause you may do nothing and everything and still you make me happy.

acr3. thats beatiful

act1. i never knew i could love with so much passion, i still cant quite believe it.

acr3. and if it doesnt work?

act1. then i can say i tried, im gonna miss you, you were my sweetest downfall and i will always have a place for you in my heart love.

you are my jupiter and i may be one of your many moons, but i want to shine brighter and prouder than any other moons, and eventually push them all away and gain one of your rings.

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the last thing we lose is on...