There's music in love, love in music, and life is all in between

Monday, May 01, 2006

someone else's day

and i dont even know who i am anymore
perhaps im just a ghost; walking around
the lonely streets seeing everyone but
no one sees me. so i try to yell and take
of this white mask, but no one seems to
notice, and i know they just dont care.
so im here trying to be someone else,
always changing, always moving, and in
the time thats past, ive forgotten who
i was in the start. im living someone
else's life, breathing someone else's
air and stealing someone else's hopes.

he took the mask off me, i am no longer
a ghost. i tried to sew my heart back
together with his words, i tried tying
a string to his hip and mine. the string
broke, i think im cursed, and ive opened
the pandora's box of feelings that wouldve
been better left closed. no longer can i
try living someone else's life, i come undone
when im left alone in the dark, i keep a light
on to be safe from the solitude and emptiness
that comes with this cold, old room.

i tried understanding love, even understanding
life, so i opened a book of wisdom and tried
to find words to calm an old spirit down, and
found that nowhere in this book has it ever
spoken of this. am i the only one, the only
one searching for some meaning, who tried to fill
my world with understandings of inexplicable
things. but they cant be explain for a reason
so im in an existencial crisis, a moment
that hasnt passed and though the years may
pass off as days, this crisis has turned into
torment, for i see no end.

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