There's music in love, love in music, and life is all in between

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Empty chairs

if ever there were someone as sweet as you,
i have yet to meet them. outcasted, denied
your right to surpass yourself. i remembered
when i loved you, i still think of you often,
never forgetting we cant hold any regrets. the
ghosts still follow me around, i still see tribal
markings in the streets. had things gone differently
would i have gotten my chance to tell you, you helped
me change my life, you taught me to be simple, to simply
be me.

if ever there was someone as understanding as you,
i have yet to meet them. crazed and detained you tried
breaking out of chains that werent tied to you in the first
place. tell me where i could go, so i could see your smile one
last time. if i follow you there will i get my chance to dance in
the saloon with you. lost in cleopatra's myst i have tried to become
the pharoan but it just doesnt work the same if you arent here to lead
me in the right directions.

i miss you like the sun misses the moon, like the stars miss the daylight, like raindrops miss the clouds. there can never be anyone like you and anyone to take your place in my heart, had i known this time was so short, id taken advantage of it and perhaps that last kiss made permanent

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