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Saturday, June 03, 2006

He who reached so far for a star, he landed among them.

i would have wanted to save you, if only i could have saved myself first.
bitter irrelevant gesture that i make today in consequence of things i cannot
change. you ran through life without hesitating and you ran out of breath, i didnt even catch up to you, till it was too late.

i would have loved to save you, if onlly i had the courage to have said the things i left unsaid. perhaps i could have told you, you were special to me, and i would have stayed out with you till the stars fell asleep.

i would have tried to save you, but i didnt think i could, and if you hadnt left o soon would you still be breathing, thinking, sleeping; and in your sleep would you have thought of me and then perhaps i could have shared a part of this story with you. could we had looked back and thought of how we saved our lives?

i would have promised to save you, if only i had known it make a difference. i still cant forget you, that never crossed my mind. i still you smile, waving from your car that raced too fast down the highway and never stopped for a kiss goodbye.

you're image will always creep into mind. i will always miss you No Regrets, its been four years.

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