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Thursday, June 08, 2006

how many stars to reach your heart?

its nice to know someone's listening.... or in this case reading.... ;)

you are eyes are colored like the sky, ever changing with glimpses
of mystery that hides well within them. it bears the yellow of the
sun, the tourquoise colors of the sea and if that well wasnt enough
you add a little bit of brown to soften it all up. i've gotten lost inside them
before, i guess i left myself be tempted by the beautiful colors that
your soul radiated.

i dreamnt with you today and in my dream i had to let you go. i didnt
cry and i didnt try to stop you, i held my head up high and waved a
bitter goodbye. in this dream i tried to avoid dropping you off and
seeing you go. i'd had liked to ask you to come back down and maybe
in the future you could find a way to come back to me.

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moonpoet said...

Infant future of joy, dreams, plentyness and ambitious fairytale happiness