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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

inexistent love


You have been formally denounced by the homo sapien Sheila Agudelo, for deliberatly shooting your arrows directly at her. the plaintiff accuses you of being a bully. she claims you have shot her various times, under difficult circumstances where she has been left with irreplaceable damages.

we are sancioning you to 48 hours of community services; you are no longer to use your arrow for a minimum of 2 months and you are also not to get near 50 feet of the plaintiff. your case will be formally exposed tomorrow in the supreme court of holiness.

Saint Job

----------- ---------------------------- --------------------------- -------------

Dear cupid,

this is your second warning. we have been informed that while on probation you have been taking range courses to shoot your arrow. with this you have used this to shoot arrows at mrs. Sheila Agudelo from long range distances.

your arrows have caused her troubles and pains, also has left her bruises where she can neither sit, breath or enjoy her daily activities. we have decided to take extreme measures with this.

since people have complained about missing your arrows, we have taken measures with the plaintiff, allowing her to wear protective clothing to avoid your arrows hitting her.

supreme judge
--------------- -------------------- ----------- ----------- ------------- ---------


listen, this girl is really getting a grudge on you, the joke aint funny anymore. seriously as a friend im warning you to back the hell up man you gonna get shot! your mother and i have discussed this situation and it aint pretty, she angry man you gonna get grounded.

we also discussed your choice of dressing, its getting old, a grown man in pampers it just makes you loose all style.

your judge

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