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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Making a mistake

pmsing makes me remember all that i dont have.

so im pmsing.... but then... i never write anything happy.... well psychological explanation every artist is neurotic and if they werent they wouldnt be able to
do the things they do, so if im crazy i hope in the end, someone wil recognized that im this way cause i want to connect and i want to create... i want to be art, even if that means i have to be neurotic... i like my weirdness kinda makes me feel special.

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moonpoet said...

Art is expression. You know that. Writers (artists) always express their feelings, even when they think they don’t, even when they are writing fiction, non true stuff. There are always spreads of the unconscious on the paper (guess you know that too). People know people through their poetry; see their faces, their souls. You are not weird, at least on my (useless for you) opinion, you are interesting.

keeping it real b


Be neurotic, pero no te pases.