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Thursday, June 29, 2006

nothing is sadder than away

the box wrapped in red i took it down from its shelf
i considered opening what i thought was pandora's box
slowly i pulled the tape that kept it closed. it flew
open and the memories all started invading the room, i
tried shutting it but it was to strong for my control,
i ran and slammed the door behind me, my heart beating
out of my heart.

i went to the beach, were i thought i could think. i let
the water crash into my feet, but slowly the waves retreated
and the sea was calmed and behind my reflection i saw a dark
cloud, and inside the colors seem to be revolving inside it.
it was angry, it was sad, it was veangeful, then it was silenced.

i tried to keep a distance from this cloud, but everytime i looked
back it was there. i got used to the dark cloud, sometimes it was
far away, sometimes it kept closer. it became a part of me.

i turned around one day and stared at it and in the wind the answer
to my question came. it was my past that followed me around, somedays
it became part of my present but it was there to remind me of what
once was and of what now is.

i dont think much of the past, i rather see ahead but the miopia doesnt
let me look far ahead, so i have a cloud and im unable to see to far off.
so i stick to the present. but every now and then i sit and talk to the
past, and sometimes i put on a pair of glasses and see ahead. but they are
both deceiving.


im scared that i lost you before i had you, and im scared ill never be able
to meet love. i think he;s my lost hope for love, but most of all, i think
im already hopeless.


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moonpoet said...

"Cada cual tiene su imposible,
Con forma de recuerdo al que adora"

Brightness and splendors are never hopeless