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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The rainbow first

i threw rocks at the rainbow to try to make it disappear
i tried closing my eyes and wishing to see only blue skies
but the rainbow stayed there.

i've ran after the rainbow, then i tried walking,
that didnt work so i tried driving out to reach it,
but still i could catch up to it.

thats when i realized how sad it was to see a
rainbow, such beauty that seems unreachable, it
all reminded me of you.

i decided to turn my back on the colors, thinking
if i didnt look at it, then i could imagine it
wasnt there.

but i started missing the colors for now everything
seemed dark, so through the corner of my eyes i looked
towards the rainbow, but i started to cry.

i realized i couldnt led it go and again the colors
seemed to have captivated me, and i lost myself in

the only problem is that though im lost in you, like
the rainbow you keep yourself so far away, still i cant
let you go.

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