There's music in love, love in music, and life is all in between

Sunday, June 04, 2006

to be real

belief in the mystic energy that seems to overpower our being
turning us into acrobats in this circus of forgotten thoughts
of happiness. how can i change my mind if i lost it when i met you.
and in the pieces of a calender that we call days, you choose one
to make a gesture. perhaps as reminder why we started this
game in the first place. how can i look towards this if i've
forgotten these feeling exist. and i can taste the sweet embrace
of attitudes mixing seduction with selfless acts of kindness.
is it possible that today in this circus im playing the part of
the buffoon instead of the swan princess. how can i be sure
that this feeling is real and not just another case of mistaken
identity. it surely hides well between all the other emotions
confusing those who already seemed troubled by their helpless
minds. but ive been seduced by the flaring fire that's playing
between the lines of this circus, it might be the act of a magician
who's secrets i dont wish to know


moonpoet said...

nice poetry

moonpoet said...

u never write in spanish?