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Sunday, July 30, 2006

a confession

i know you'll never be able to read this but i want you to know ive always loved you and i dont think that could ever possibly change. you made me the person i am today, you help me mold myself. i know ive made mistakes with you but i want you to know im sorry if i could do it all over again i would. i would show you that you are the best thing in the world, that love like the one you give could never sum up to any other love ive ever received all together... you made me whole, and i was sad so i could never appreciate the things you did for me. they told me once to just make pretend that im with you and in my dreams sometimes i am and i wake up with a smile. no one will ever compare to you, you are an angel the one true miracle i could witness.

i hope one day you will be able to forgive me. i hope the next person who comes along will be half as good as you. i was so certain of your love i took it for vain, next time ill appreciate it more. i know in another lifetime we will reconcile, i have faith that god will allow me the chance to rediem myself and prove to you that i am worth loving just as much as i have loved you.

there is a song called apology by BMC its for you it says "im shattered and broken beyond repair im jaded so sick of being here, ive fucked up one to many times, this time i fucked my one life".... my life has not been the same without you and there is nothing left for me to do but go just like the song goes.

i used to dream of the day that you would forgive me or make the attempt to try again, i know it wont happen now but the last thing one loses is hope.

you have this ability to light up a room, i used to love that. it saddens me that i dont see that in you anymore. you are turning out to be so much better than i ever thought you sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry.

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moonpoet said...

El hecho de reconocer el error, arrepentirte de corazón y pedir el perdón, ya te hace merecedora del perdón.

Ya te liberaste de la carga.

El sufrimiento mismo que te ha producido el error ha sido tu castigo.

Ya no debes nada.

La pelota está en la cancha de la otra persona, es a quien le toca perdonar.

Si la persona no quiere perdonarte, o no puede leerte,
no importa, ya Dios, el juez supremo, vio tu arrepentimiento,
y te ha dado el perdón.

Quitate ese peso de encima, que ya no tienes por que llevarlo. your Jesus, lo lleva por ti.