There's music in love, love in music, and life is all in between

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

its been coming for a while

so now i let my thoughts consume me
while i stand here staring at this
broken window. because ive indulged
myself in you, but have not felt
any sense of completion, could it
be i never quite had what it took?

i smile as the people pass me by and
yes i always hold my head up high, but
i do feel ive let myself fall for
someone who could never really be mine.
but how can i tell my lips to stop moving,
my eyes to stop looking and my ears to
stop listening to the sweet interrogation
you've left in my heart?


moonpoet said...

im mute

moonpoet said...

Te leo tierna y difusa.
Quizas soy muy tonto para comprenderte (a veces).
La hermosura de tu lenguaje confunde confunde mi parte racional, mi mente.

Mas las cosas mas puras no pasan por la mente, van directamente a los sentimientos...

Y siento algo; y ese algo me agrada,
me da cierta fuerza,
que antes no tenĂ­a.

Anonymous said...

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