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Sunday, July 02, 2006

more than words

could be egocentrism, just trying to tell a story using more than words... all pictures done by me, im learning be patient.

its always nice to know someone is paying attention to what i write and give off more ideas for my head to play with, i dont see it like intrusion, more like a gift. you pay attention to what i write, i pay attention to what you write, it keeps me coming back for more.

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moonpoet said...

My difficult situation

Visual poetry got me lost for words
Drifting adjectives on my mind
Touring around, flipping over
Not finding their way out
Not wanting to walk the undesirable path
Of falling, of melting, of crushing:
Sweet insight, goofy tenderness,
Sunrise smiles,
Green dressed poetry dreaming happiness.
All of them brushstrokes of illusions
Over my empty canvas,
Remarkable issues I’ve to live with:
Heavenly raindrops flirting (not knowing it)
With emptiness, with me.

¿Is that you over there
With camouflage and converse attire?
Hehehe Nice! :P
Reminds me of my past heavy metal years