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Friday, July 14, 2006

You can deal with your regrets... ill deal with mine

i want the life i knew i would, but i know ill never be that person whom i dreamnt of when i was a little girl. because i always thought i'd be a princess who would have her prince charming and who never knew what sadness felt like. but as my life evolved into what it is today, i feel ive lost that innocence that made me skip through life instead of walking through it. still i thought i was a princess, so i branded myself, i crowned myself a princess. but then i lost it again... that dream of owning my own crown, my own palace, my own prince... so i thought perhaps i should stop making pretend that i am something im not, stop dreaming. but that came so easily to me, i didnt even need to try. but taking the first step is the hardest, and in my rough moments i have one thing present which always keeps me going.... "god lights my heart".


moonpoet said...

You are a princess,
And god lighting your heart
makes you twice a princess.
Dont forget that.

Sometimes we dream of something, not knowing that its achievement is closer than we think.

We just have to be patient and always remember that happiness and dreams may come in unexpected wraps and forms.

Your sweet and trembling heart
its finding its way through, and it will succeed!

Anonymous said...

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