There's music in love, love in music, and life is all in between

Friday, August 25, 2006

Emerald city

here in seattle beautiful city, beautiful stores.... happy.

there is something in his eyes that makes me lose myself in them. its the way he looks into my eyes trying to uncover all the secrets and in an instance looking into my eyes he crawled all the way to my heart and knocked on the door.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Run away

you are right, im talking to no one when i write and yet its for everyone. except when i write about heaven its about someone that as the years go by though it should be easier it gets harder, i miss him. pues claro que tengo curiosidad de saber kien es, quien no lo estaria :P but im learning to be patient.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

This is the start of a really sad story

i sat in the edge of an amphitheater today
it reminded me of your face and the promises
that never came.
i sat in a corner alone today and i cried,
the tears fell for the times we will never
spend and the ones that went away.
i walked out of the amphitheater today but
that didnt make the memories go away, and
it didnt stop the rain.
i sat at the edge of a rocky bench today,
it reminded me that im a fool, foolish enough
to have thought that unconditional love meant
i sat in the corner alone today and hid my head
in my hands trying in vain to shake all these
silent thoughts away.


playlist of choice: losing the rainbow

song of choice: Radio in heaven- plain white t's

quote of the moment: "do they have radios in heaven i hope they do cause they are playing my song on the radio and im singing it to you and if they dont have radios in heaven here is what ill do, ill bring my guitar when the time is up and ill play it for you"


and in the middle of a sunny day a rainbow appeared, i thought
it was a call from you and as the glitter of the sunlight
danced around my eyes i through myself on the white sand and
dreamnt of you. i wonder if that rainbow was a call from
heaven and it was meant for me, i hope even there you think
of me cause i cant seem to forget your face. i sing out songs
to you, im praying you can hear them, and if not then i write
down selfless words to say you were a dream come true. please
send down another rainbow so i could feel you close. you left
before i had a chance to tell you how much you helped me grow,
you left before i got the chance to say thank you for believing
in me (you should know i always believed in you). could you send
down another sign just to let me know you are alright and tell
me is it all you imagined it would be? i miss you sunshine.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

we are bound by symetry

"If i had to choose between you or the world
i hope you are aware that i'd choose you."

wrapped around a string, i keep this key tied
onto my wrist. i protect it from evil eyes and
the time that passes by. many times she left her
key unsafe. they fell into the wrong hands who
vandalized the home and let it open to burglars.
today inside the green string lays the key leading
to her heart. she gives out a map to see who can
find the home and worthy enough to hold the key.


Playlist of choice: NONE

Song of choice: The freshman

Quote: "i wont be held responsable she fell inlove in the first place"


if i had to choose between the world or you, you can be sure
id never say no to you.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


well, i can tell you from what i hear as a professional you have to be more willing to take chances cause you never know what is in store for you unless you reach out. muchas veces las personas dejan de hacer cosas por ese lema(or whatever, my spanish sucks) de "lo que pasara, pasara or whatver" y se quedan sentados esperando que la vida le ponga todo en una bandeja.

it seems to me this girl has you pretty impressed, and maybe you have her impressed too (specially that song, i thought no one listen to that music but her). maybe you should take a chance!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

falta tanto y tan poco

i know she'll cry tonight she has that look in her eyes
she dreams of nights that she could call her own....
to be continued... promise... tonight... sleep...

"I'll show you.... i could be the one.... everything you need tonight"

Our story has just begun

there is something in his eyes that tells me
what i need to know. he has this way of being
that seems too perfect to be true. he tries to
hide behind his quietness but his eyes speak
out to me and i listen.

i asked my mother if she felt a connection with
my dad when they met, she said no that only happens
in movies. well then, i think im living my own
drama because i felt something that moment and ever
since i only want to see him smile.

the narcissism in my body starts to wear off where
i manage to statisfy my egocentrism with his
happiness, i live bycariously through the way that
he seems that day. i could be your friend, i could
be the next best thing or i could be none of the
above, but as long as you smile day after day
its enough for me.

"me gustas, no se porque"

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Not today

and if i put a balance i know id rather be with you.

i sat looking at the stars today wondering why i seek
their advice in vain. i counted the lights in the sky and
realized i have wished to everyone of them. i wished
selflessly, with selfishness and with hope getting cero
results. i hate to bellieve that we;ve lost the magic.
i asked the moon why its hidden away today and the
clouds move much faster than before, i thought it was
an angel. i was wrong.

i assked my mom if she knew when she met my dad if it was an instanct connection she said no it only happens in the movies..... then perhaps im wrong. write more about it all tomorrow