There's music in love, love in music, and life is all in between

Thursday, August 03, 2006

falta tanto y tan poco

i know she'll cry tonight she has that look in her eyes
she dreams of nights that she could call her own....
to be continued... promise... tonight... sleep...

"I'll show you.... i could be the one.... everything you need tonight"


moonpoet said...

Hey Doc I need your professional opinion on this:

I have a close friend (who turned 25 today)… Well, the problem is, he told me he has this “thing” over a website (weird). He says he thinks he’s in love of some kind of blog or something, I don’t know. He won’t stop mumbling about some texts, reflections, points of view, funny-beautiful-sweet (sometimes goofy) pictures, I’m lost. What should I tell him? He invited me to some kind of celebration his having over a mountain, I don’t know, when I get back (if I’m sober) I will tell you more about the case… it really worries me out.

Meanwhile, what should I suggest him?

Or do you need more information to build diagnosis?

moonpoet said...

I’m back, but I’ve had to many vodka cranberries. I talked to my friend. Tomorrow ima tell you more pumpkin pie (jejejejejjejejejejejejejeje)


moonpoet said...

Hey dear Doc, how are you??
I want you to analize this please:

...My friend toll me is not the website who’s driving him nuts. It seems like is the author. She’s a tanned skin brunette with deep eyes and big soul (or creativity... or both?) He hasn’t met her yet (he saw her far away from, once) but he told me:

“In this lifetime… that’s one of my pending tasks. I’m going to meet her some day. We will be friends. … and you can take that to the bank".

But you see… that brings another reason for him to need a psychotherapist.

He keeps postponing things (I think already dead he will delay his own funeral). He usually can’t face problems, tasks, or obligations until time presses him up.

…The thing is that some things in life don’t appear to have a deadline, but hey do, and when that day comes, is when people realize that time itself has gone, that there is no part available in the script. He is much undisciplined.

I told him to start saving money; because I wanted him to take your professional services Doc. Hope they aren’t too expensive.

I have this feeling that you can solve his problems with a blink of an eye.

c-ya Doc.

Take Care.


Sometimes he reminds me a couple of verses from and old schooldays song:

"Do you have the time / To listen to me whine / About nothing and everything all at once / I am one of those / Melodramatic fools / Neurotic to the bone /No doubt about it"

"Sometimes i give myself the creeps / Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me / It all keeps adding up / I think im cracking up / Am i just paranoid or im just stoned?"

moonpoet said...

Random quote from

"Es necesario esperar, aunque la esperanza haya de verse siempre frustada, pues la esperanza misma constituye una dicha, y sus fracasos, por frecuentes que sean, son menos horribles que su extinción"

Samuel Johnson.
Escritor inglés