There's music in love, love in music, and life is all in between

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

we are bound by symetry

"If i had to choose between you or the world
i hope you are aware that i'd choose you."

wrapped around a string, i keep this key tied
onto my wrist. i protect it from evil eyes and
the time that passes by. many times she left her
key unsafe. they fell into the wrong hands who
vandalized the home and let it open to burglars.
today inside the green string lays the key leading
to her heart. she gives out a map to see who can
find the home and worthy enough to hold the key.


Playlist of choice: NONE

Song of choice: The freshman

Quote: "i wont be held responsable she fell inlove in the first place"


if i had to choose between the world or you, you can be sure
id never say no to you.


moonpoet said...

¿Cuales son los requisitos para participar en la busqueda del tesoro? ¿donde debe uno inscribirse para obtener la copia del mapa y que debe llevar?

moonpoet said...

hey!!! estaba pensando en ti... pasé a saludar. Hola!

moonpoet said...

tengo unos dias que no se nada de ti. me haces falta. no falta fisica porque no nos conocemos, pero si falta emocional, se pudiera decir, pues en tus letras te siento. Di algo, por lo menos de vez en cuando, aunque sea un par de lineas. Recuerdame que estoy vivo.