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Monday, September 04, 2006

Ardous trouble

i know she'll cry tonight, she has that look in her eyes
she dreams of nights that she could call her own. The stars
reflect on her tears whispering words of hope she no longer
hears. particles fall from high above that feel cold on her
naked shoulders. She shudders as her tears seem to freeze
and break as they fall. the trees around her move in a steady
rythm as if attempting to comfort her lonely situation. Today
she lost her will to feel hopefulness along a road of deceit.
Slowly the wind is freezing her heart that by now has stopped
beating. Her face hardens into a wrinkle expression of dispair.
she'll still cry tonight.

1 comment:

moonpoet said...

"dont you cry tonight..."


Hey. Que bueno es saber de ti.

Ya empezaba a sentirme un poco abandonado.

wow! al parecer esa no era una buena noche para ella.

Dile que la quieren,
que sueƱan con ella,
que es muy especial.
Dile que la soledad es pasajera
y que las noches suelen traer penas.
Dile que hay tiempo para todo bajo el sol: para llorar, para reir, para trabajar, para descansar, para plantar, para cosechar lo plantado, etc.

En fin, mandamele saludos a la chica de la historia.


Ya estas de vuelta?