There's music in love, love in music, and life is all in between

Friday, November 24, 2006

Lurking to find you

I can stare into your eyes till i go blind
i love you even in the corniest of moments
Destiny might have put us in the same place

but it was my determination that brought you

close to me. Sitting in a wooden couch i saw in

your eyes the rest of my life. In the darkness of the night

down an empty road a simple gesture made

me realize you where the one id been waiting

for all my life. Without you the stars would

weep and hide in sadness, my heart would

walk out on me and my soul would fade

away. Your the key to my success, your

the one i want to always keep safe.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

B- Sides to my tongue

1. Laugh so you dont cry- Andy Davis "

2. Boston- Augustana

3. Red Right Ankle- The Decemberists

4. Inda- Ken Oak Band

5. Himerus and Eros- Spill Canvas

6. Lonely September- Plain White T's

It's nice to know someone is listening

It had to be this way

it was while i was fixing my broken car when our paths met. i was alongside the rode waiting for someone to come by and help. desolate, tired, and hungry i had lost all my strengths, you saw the damages and concluded that it was impossible to fix. i sat down in a broken rock shaped like a heart and the tears started rolling down my eyes. you sat beside me and decided i could ride with you. after apologizing for having to carry on your way with me i climbed into the passenger side of the vehicle. you asked where i was heading i responded by saying i was trying to find the end of the rainbow, thats where all the dreams come true, you were heading the same way. but little did i know.... i found the end of the rainbow when i sat next to you. i dont know what comes after realizing your dreams, but with you beside me, we could try to find the end of the world next.

Friday, November 10, 2006

so few come and dont go

i saw you in my dreams last night,
its just another story piled up in the
closet of memories i have of you. but
last night your soul vibrated with colors
i was lost in and you came to life before my
eyes, i couldnt help but reminisce about things
i thought were lost to me. i awoke to find myself
in a dreamers dilema, the inability to distinguish the
reality and the lie which i so agressively tried to hold on
to. after unsuccesfully trying to find my way back to that
simple moment were i was able to forgive, i found myself
where i knew i was no longer in a safe haven and all the
the uncertainties crawled back into my body digging
its claws into the center of my soul and i discovered
that from you i would take anything at all.