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Saturday, November 11, 2006

It had to be this way

it was while i was fixing my broken car when our paths met. i was alongside the rode waiting for someone to come by and help. desolate, tired, and hungry i had lost all my strengths, you saw the damages and concluded that it was impossible to fix. i sat down in a broken rock shaped like a heart and the tears started rolling down my eyes. you sat beside me and decided i could ride with you. after apologizing for having to carry on your way with me i climbed into the passenger side of the vehicle. you asked where i was heading i responded by saying i was trying to find the end of the rainbow, thats where all the dreams come true, you were heading the same way. but little did i know.... i found the end of the rainbow when i sat next to you. i dont know what comes after realizing your dreams, but with you beside me, we could try to find the end of the world next.

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moonpoet said...

is there any map of the route to the end of the rainbow?

I have started to think ima have to build a road to get there...


Nice to have you back around here, YOUR blog :P