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Friday, November 10, 2006

so few come and dont go

i saw you in my dreams last night,
its just another story piled up in the
closet of memories i have of you. but
last night your soul vibrated with colors
i was lost in and you came to life before my
eyes, i couldnt help but reminisce about things
i thought were lost to me. i awoke to find myself
in a dreamers dilema, the inability to distinguish the
reality and the lie which i so agressively tried to hold on
to. after unsuccesfully trying to find my way back to that
simple moment were i was able to forgive, i found myself
where i knew i was no longer in a safe haven and all the
the uncertainties crawled back into my body digging
its claws into the center of my soul and i discovered
that from you i would take anything at all.

1 comment:

moonpoet said...

Hey! long time no see
espero sea mas a menudo